Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a retired United States Marine, he knows something about getting the job done! The Marines provided him the opportunity to develop 11 years in senior management and over 20 years of leading by example. Chris has years’ experience in enterprise solutions and business leadership. Chris specializes in guiding customers through technology transformations; not changing the business, making the technology fit the business. Chris is responsible for the overall vision of Immersion Technology Services both internally as well as for our Clients. In addition to leading the Immersion team he has also established strategic partnerships; Quest Software and ELEARNINGFORCE International.


Chief Financial Officer

Donna came over from Immersion Consulting as part of the reorganization. At Immersion she transitioned the accounting function in-house from an outsourced bookkeeper to help Immersion achieve a 400% growth rate over a 3 year period. At Immersion Technology Services Donna oversees all of the financial components of the business. Donna has 24 years’ operational experience as an accountant, manager, and multi-functional team member, to include 10 years DCAA auditing experience. Donna has BS in Accounting and has passed the CPA exam.


Operations Director

Tori comes to us with over 18 years of experience in the software industry. With a strong background in operations management, she successfully led a consulting and training team at a prominent software company. Tori’s expertise extends to her involvement in multiple acquisitions teams, where she played a pivotal role in implementing new systems and designing process flows to accommodate team growth. Within this role, her mission is to streamline and enhance operational functions, leveraging her extensive industry knowledge and strategic approach. Tori holds both a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and excellence. Beyond the world of software and operations, Tori finds joy in traveling, hiking, playing sports, and cherishing moments with her daughter.



Chief Technology Officer

Brian joined Immersion Technology Services in 2013.  He is an innovative, results-oriented IT professional with over 20 years of visible achievements providing leading edge technological solutions.  Within his role, he is responsible for creating and delivering solutions to a wide array of companies either in the midst of a merger/acquisition or simply to consolidate technologies in effort to create a uniform platform for management and growth.  When not in the grind, he enjoys golf, boating, and spending time with his family.