New Product Release – Quiz Builder for Learning Management System in Office 365

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Thursday, 9 March 2016

Immersion Technology Services is pleased to announce the release of the Quiz Builder feature for LMS365, the cloud learning management system (LMS) in Office 365. The Add-in, available now in the Office Store, makes it possible for users to create, deliver, and track quizzes to support learning processes.

A crucial aspect of online training is being able to measure its effectiveness within the workplace and amongst users. The newly introduced LMS365 | Quiz Builder allows employees to test themselves and determine what knowledge they gained from their training. Furthermore, the Add-in provides a snapshot for managers so they can get an overview of results and determine if additional training is required. Finally, training managers will get valuable input to evaluate the quality of their eLearning content.

Quiz Builder Highlights
  • Users are able to select between three different question types, depending on what works best for them: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers and True/False.
  • Quizzes can be shared across courses and team sites within the same Site Collection.
  • Quizzes can be added as standalone learning modules or included with multi-content learning modules.
  • Users can generate advanced reports and track results on learner or quiz level
  • Users can define the maximum number of quiz attempts and set the quiz passing score.

About Immersion Technology Services
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ELEARNINGFORCE products bring effective learning management to SharePoint® and Office 365®. SharePoint LMS and LMS 365 blend seamlessly with any established SharePoint® infrastructure, eliminating complex integration, time-consuming development, and unwanted complexity. Learners intuitively access learning plans, courses, personal progress reports, certificates, and more – from anywhere within the daily SharePoint business process.

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